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How hard is your water?

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How we can help

Here at WWS we do not believe in hard water or a hard sell. We offer a FREE no obligation assessment of your water at your home and then let you know how we can assist in improving your family's water supply. The decision of where you go from there is completely yours.

Bringing great water to your home

Winchester Water Softeners are Winchester’s independent water softener company, based in Winchester and covering central Hampshire and surrounding area. We offer a high standard of service and quality products at competitive prices.


Water Softeners

Water Softeners

We supply leading brands of water softeners that are British made and specifically manufactured for the UK market. Water softeners are no longer considered a luxury – they have become a necessity in hard water areas, particularly Hampshire.

The softeners that we recommend have outstanding performance, economy and offer the best after sales service from the manufacturers. We have kept it simple with a small number of makes, models and designs, to suit your individual home requirements

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Water Softeners

Filtered Drinking Water Systems

No more bottled water! We supply and install Aqua-Pure, Pentak and Monarch water filter systems, which removes taste, odour and chlorine from your water. These all offer a twelve month filter life. The first option is a three way tap which delivers hot, cold and filtered water, all from a single tap. Alternatively, a small third separate faucet tap, giving just filtered water.